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Looking to attract customers and increase conversions with attractive yet easy-to-use web design? Southend businesses should look no further than WowWeb, the leading web design and development studio in Essex.

We believe in two things – style and substance. Not only will our talented designers make your website stand out with their adept artistry, they’ll also ensure its easy to navigate for a superior user experience.

What’s more, WowWeb’s developers will guarantee your website loads in double-quick time and is always online. As a result, global audiences can find out about your business round-the-clock, boosting brand awareness.

To discover more about web design, Southend businesses should get in touch with WowWeb today – call 01206 700852, or head to our contact page and fill out the enquiry form.


Web design – Southend information

Southend-on-Sea is a town with borough status in Essex, England. Originally comprised of a few fishermen’s huts, Southend began to expand in the 18th and 19th century by establishing itself as a seaside resort.

Although the town’s status as a holiday destination declined from the 1960s onwards, Southend town centre has since been developed for commerce and retail purposes.

So, if your website needs to be revised or redesigned, get in touch with WowWeb – call 01206 700852 or email hello@wowweb.co.uk.

The importance of good web design – Southend businesses can reap several rewards

  • Navigation and usability – Websites that gives precedence to navigation and usability will immediately impress users. They’ll be more likely to stick around, browse what you’ve got to offer, and make purchases.
  • Customer service and trust – A poorly designed website could be compared to a rude, unhelpful member of staff. However, a well-designed website is more like a polite and friendly employee who delivers excellent service and establishes trust.
  • Competitive advantage – From appealing aesthetics to excellent content, web design enables you to go above and beyond industry rivals. In turn, your business will be the obvious choice and give you a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Enhanced exposure – A number of web design elements can affect SEO – the science behind where you appear in search engine results. Best practice web design will see your edge closer to the top for enhanced brand exposure.

Our approach to web design – Southend businesses should choose WowWeb

  • We love what we do – In addition to our team’s passion for web design and development, we also love seeing our clients succeed.
  • We are always approachable – Don’t worry if you don’t posses much web design knowhow. Feel free to ask any question and we’ll be on hand to help.
  • We offer superb value for money – Pick and choose from our range of services for tailor-made, cost-effective web design.
  • We possess various skills and specialities – From user experience experts to senior web developers, our team of specialists has a diverse skillset.
  • We are vastly experienced – You only have to look at our portfolio of websites to see decades of industry experience in action.
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