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Do you need attractive yet useable web design? Suffolk businesses can give their customers an appealing and intuitive online experience by enlisting the services of WowWeb – a leading web design and development studio in Essex.

We will provide you with more than just a stunning website that grabs the attention of online audiences; our team of design consultants can also deploy best practice principles to keep engagement levels high for more bottom-line conversions.

At the same time, WowWeb’s developers will ensure that your redesigned website enjoys maximum uptime and quick page speeds. Not only will this serve the needs of global users, it can also improve online reputations and SEO rankings.

To discover more about web design, Suffolk businesses should get in touch with WowWeb today – call 01206 700852, email hello@wowweb.co.uk, or head to our contact page and fill out the enquiry form.


Web design – Suffolk information

Suffolk is an East Anglian county of historic origin in England with a population of 757,000.  The county town is Ipswich, while other important settlements include Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and Felixstowe, the latter of which is one of the largest container ports in Europe.

The very best in web design – Suffolk business benefits

  • Increase retention – Online users spend a maximum of 30 seconds browsing a site before deciding whether to leave or not. Make sure they stick around with good web design.
  • Superior user experience – Web design is more than skin deep. Every single element of a page, from the choice of font and colours to the amount of white space and text, can contribute to a better user experience.
  • Competitive advantage – From appealing aesthetics to excellent content, web design enables you to go above and beyond industry rivals. In turn, your business will be the obvious choice and give you a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Establish trust – Trust is increasingly important for customers making online purchases. A well-designed website is akin to a friendly, polite, and helpful member of staff, establishing trust between the business and the customer.

We love web design – Suffolk businesses can count on WowWeb

  • We’re passionate about our work – Along with our enthusiasm for web design and development, we also get a kick out of seeing clients succeed online.
  • We are always approachable – Don’t worry if you don’t posses much web design knowhow. You can ask us any question and we’ll be on hand to help.
  • We’ve been doing this for decades – WowWeb has years of design and development experience. Check out our portfolio for past and present examples.
  • We’ve got in-depth knowhow – Our diverse team of designers and developers have a breadth of knowledge few other Essex-based studios boast.
  • We’re great value for money – An in-house team of designers and developers can get expensive. So, simply outsource your requirements to us for the ultimate in affordability.
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